7) Working



It is important to take the reference photos shot in the photo studio to make sure that your model is physically accurate. Taking the photos within Maya and create image planes of the front, back, side, top and bottom.


After the image planes have been lined up properly a model is created using the image planes as refrence


The bird is then unfolded by using a technique called uv wrapping. Much like a net from a cube the uvs are laid out into a shell so the artiest can go into a paint program like photoshop and paint a texture onto the surface of the model to give it color or texture. using a shader with a picture file like a numbered grid is ideal for this process. It gives the user a visual feed back as to where the texture is stretching or where the seam lines are



After this is done a new file is opened and the whole process is repeated with other objects in the scene.





Within zbrush a test was conducted to see the difference the document size would make to z applink (a plugin for zbrush that allows the user to chose an angle of there model and project a texture onto the model using photoshop). The results below where conclusive. The bigger the document size the higher res the texture see the results below. Each texture has the same photo projected onto it.

Zbrush document size 960/720


Zbrush document size 4096/4096



When texturing the shot gun shell a few problems arise. It is important to get good texture photos for solor spec and bump how ever because it is made of a thin plastic. It becomes clear that the shell plastic must be cut down a seam line and flatened out.

within zbrush this model of the shotgun shell was fine tuned using the different rgb channels within photoshop to get all the details the model is subdivided within zbrush and a black and whit  texture with all the fine details are applied as a mask. Using the inflate tool anything white is extruded out, anything black is extruded in and anything between white and black will be extruded based on its value. This technique is used in order to get fine details on you model eg scratches bumps etc… The model is then exported as a low res mesh and two maps are created a normal map and a displacement map.




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